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MFNAN is entrusted with personal information voluntarily provided by its members, and recognizes the need for the appropriate management and protection of this information. Any inquiries regarding this policy may be directed to


To ensure that MFNAN protects the privacy of its members, whose personal information is in the custody or control of the MFNAN, and to ensure that it upholds applicable privacy legislation governing the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.


1. MFNAN complies in all respects with all applicable privacy legislation, including the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act of Newfoundland and Labrador (ATIPPA), as well as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada (PIPEDA) and other applicable privacy legislation that may be enacted.

2. All staff members of the MFNAN are responsible for the protection of the privacy of its members whose personal information is in the custody and/or under the control of MFNAN. Only authorized staff will have access to personal information of members.

3. The Chairperson has ultimate accountability for compliance with privacy provisions.

4. MFNAN is guided by the principles of the Canadian Standards Association Model Privacy Code in a manner that complies with ATIPPA and any other legislation that may apply in the circumstances:

  • A. Accountability: MFNAN is responsible for personal information in its custody and/or under its control.
  • B. Identifying Purposes and Consent: MFNAN identifies to the individual the authority and purposes for the collection and use of personal information at the time of collection, and the contact information of a volunteer who can answer questions about the collection. MFNAN collects personal information directly from the subject of the information, or a person authorized by the subject of the information, and obtains consent from the subject or the person authorized by the subject to provide such personal information.
  • C. Limiting Collection: MFNAN limits its collection of personal information to that which is required for the purposes consented to by the applicant; namely to:
    -       Build a private database of member supporters;
    -       Provide updates and news to members through email;
    -       Research and identify inconsistencies in the Qalipu application process;
    -       Identify discriminatory enrolment processes through case studies.
    -       Disclose information and statistics only in aggregate, stripped of all personal identifiers, unless prior and explicit consent is given by members.
  •  D. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention: MFNAN limits its use and disclosure of personal information to those purposes identified under Limiting Collection and in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation. MFNAN  uses personal information only for the purpose for which it was collected or compiled; for a consistent purpose; with the consent of the individual; or for the purpose for which the information was disclosed to the MFNAN. The MFNAN does not disclose personal information to any individual other than the subject, unless prior and explicit consent is obtained from the subject of the personal information.
  • E. Accuracy: MFNAN makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the personal information it collects, uses and discloses is accurate and complete.
  • F. Security: MFNAN ensures that personal information in its custody is secured in a manner appropriate to the sensitivity and purpose of the information. MFNAN ensures that records containing personal information are protected from unauthorized collection, access, use, disclosure and disposal by putting in place reasonable administrative, physical and technical security measures. All volunteers ensure that personal information which they handle as part of their job is secure from unauthorized access, that collection, use and disclosure of personal information is minimized and that records are managed in accordance with an established records retention and disposal system.
  • G. Openness: MFNAN Privacy Policy and related procedures are available on the website at ( and this online version is the official version. Printed copies are available from the MFNAN Webmaster, who also responds to any related questions. MFNAN notifies affected individuals of any potentially detrimental breaches of its privacy controls.
  • H. Individual Access: Members may access, correct, modify or delete their personal information by making a request to the MFNAN
  • I. Challenging Compliance: Complaints or questions with respect to MFNAN compliance with this Privacy Policy may be made at anytime.


1. MFNAN staff  and volunteers who act in good faith and who execute their responsibilities with a reasonable standard of care shall not be subject to discipline in the unlikely event that a privacy breach should occur.

2. Privacy breaches arising from noncompliance with the legislation or this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from the MFNAN committee.

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General Disclaimer

MFNAN provides access to the website for the purpose of news and updates with respect to our mandate to fight for fair and equal treatment of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band application process. MFNAN do not assume any responsibility or liability in connection with actions taken as a result of any information exchanged through this website.

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

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